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With over 2 BILLION monthly users Facebook has become the most powerful advertising platform on the planet.  Jopp Marketing Solutions is an ad agency in Buffalo NY, but our clients are all over the globe.  Our Facebook marketing strategies follow the current trends, and are optimized to convert your Facebook users into sales.

Likewise, our Google Ad strategies are unparalleled.  We will use our knowledge of Google Adwords with our expertise of marketing to maximize conversions and increase your ROI.

Perhaps you prefer a more organic approach.  We will use the latest SEO techniques to rank your webpage on Google. We will do extensive research to figure out what the most important keywords in your niche are, then we will go after them.  SEO takes time to show results, but the reward is worth it.

If you don’t already have a website, don’t worry, we offer web design as well.  We will build a site that is relevant to the times and has a nice clean, sleek look.

Maybe, you’re too busy running your business to keep your social media sites up to date.  Don’t worry, we do that too.  You can hire us to make sure your social media sites are always engaging with your audience.

As an ad agency in Buffalo, NY, we understand that local business is vital to the economy.  It is our goal to help you grow your business through our advanced advertising strategies.  When you trust us with your advertising needs we will consider ourselves a partner.  Your success is our success, and our success is your success.  This is what makes Jopp Marketing Solutions the best ad agency in Buffalo, NY

Our close relationship with video production company Ghostline Entertainment LLC truly makes us a one stop shop for all of your marketing needs.